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Group of Women Power Training

Power Training, Sports Specific & Rehabilitation Fitness Training in Newport Beach, California

Your Wellness Hub in Newport Beach, California, provides expert power training and sport-specific training to achieve athletic greatness. We also offer post-operative rehabilitation training for knee reconstruction, ankle, hip and shoulder injuries from skilled and caring trainers.

Sports Specific & Power Training

Learn exercises and strength training techniques to become an elite athlete. We will help you to develop agility, speed, and power. You'll gain knowledge on how to stretch properly and create a winning style. Opportunities await you when you train for power, flexibility and the specific sport-specific training elements that will help you excel in your sports performance. Achieve scholarships, team recognition, and personal victories that stay with you for a lifetime.

  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Swimming & Diving

Neuromuscular Rehabilitative Training

This type of rehab focuses on athletic injury rehabilitation and for people who have suffered an injury from an accident. You'll learn corrective flexibility exercises to restore range of motion and flexibility for strength and healing. Receive neuromuscular assessment testing to diagnose which muscle(s) is under-active and which muscles are overactive (too tight). By understanding which muscles are specifically under-performing or too tight will help prevent further injury or start the healing process to restore the proper functionality of the joint or injury location. When those identified muscles are addressed with the recommended corrective flexibility and strengthening exercises, restoration and healing begin. For many people, the pain goes away. Every 6 weeks, within your training program, re-test to see your improvements and make sure you are on your way to optimum range of motion, coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility possible for your recovery progress.

If you have suffered from a knee, ankle, or back injury,  the neuromuscular rehabilitation portion of the personal training programs may be best for you. Also, people with Parkinson's Disease or degenerative muscular disease can benefit form increased range of motion, strength and flexibility, alleviating stiffness and hence improving quality of life!

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