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Your Wellness Hub in Newport Beach, California, provides expert senior care personal training and health and wellness programs for personal fitness, rehabilitation training and corrective flexibility for older adults wanting to achieve better range of motion, coordination, balance and strength.  We also offer post-operative cardiac rehabilitation training from skilled and caring trainers for those that have under went surgery for heart disease or need prevention to avoid a stroke or heart attack.

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Senior Care Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Training

This type of movement rehabilitation focuses on injury prevention or rehabilitation for seniors, and athletic seniors who have suffered from a sport-specific injury or accident. You'll learn corrective flexibility exercises to restore range of motion and flexibility for strength, coordination, balance and healing. Not only improve your quality of life with neuromuscular fitness training but also improve your golf or tennis game. Receive neuromuscular assessment testing to diagnose which muscle(s) are under active and which muscles are overactive (too tight). By understanding which muscles are specifically underperforming (weak) or which muscles are overactive (too tight), the health and fitness professional will create a program to help prevent further injury or start the healing process to restore proper functioning of the joint or injury location. When those identified muscles are addressed with the recommended corrective flexibility and strengthening exercises preferred by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (utilized worldwide by professional athletes), healing occurs with increase range of motion, decrease in pain and functional movement can begin to restore. Every 6 weeks, within your training program, re-test to see your improvements and make sure you are on your way to optimum range of motion, coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility possible for your recovery progress. 

If you have suffered from a knee, ankle, or back injury, the neuromuscular rehabilitation portion of the personal training programs may be best for you. Also, people with Parkinson's Disease or degenerative muscular disease can benefit form increased range of motion, strength, and flexibility alleviating stiffness and hence improving quality of life!

Senior Care Corrective Flexibility Program

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Corrective Flexibility is specific flexibility and strength training exercises prescribed after an assessment designed to improve range of motion, coordination, balance and strength. It is important to have a strong bone density as we age; thus, the strength exercise portion of the workout will be extremely beneficial. We have not met a client that does not enjoy the stretching portion of the personal training program! Some clients that have Parkinson's Disease that has a limited range of motion see tremendous improvement when they receive stretching in a safe environment such as on a bed, floor mat or table. Improve your energy with this senior care personal training program and keep up with your high energy grandchildren.

Post-Operative Cardiac Rehabilitation, Phase 3 & 4

Our healthy heart program is for those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. You'll learn personal training techniques for coordination, mobility, flexibility, and regain cardiovascular endurance. Senior care patients have learned to walk again after a stroke. We work closely with your physician to create work-outs within your targeted heart rate. Your goal is to maintain a healthy body for you as well as your family so you can live a longer & healthier life. With your doctor's RX, your personal training cardiac rehabilitation Healthy Heart Program may be tax-deductible. A family history of heart attack and stroke combined with obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, increases your personal chances of heart attack and or stroke. Reduce, avoid or minimize future heart attacks and or prevent your chances of a bi-pass surgery with Cardiac Rehabilitation and the Healthy Heart Program. Call Shannon today for your first appointment at (949) 413-4210. 

The Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation may include an improvement in the following: 

  • Physical work capacity, physical fitness,  flexibility, joint mobility, balance, stability, muscle strength, and tone
  • Improve neuromuscular coordinating which may lessen the propensity for falling and permit increased participation in activities of daily living
  • Improve bone density and decrease chances of osteoporotic fractures
  • Improve self-confidence, self-image, decrease anxiety and or depression, and improve cognitive function such as memory too

Adult Cardiac Rehabilitation studies show a cardiovascular risk reduction similar to that observed in younger individuals, including a reduction in mortality. Clinical outcomes assessing cardiac rehabilitation and survival in over 600,000 older adults hospitalized for coronary conditions or cardiac revascularization procedures, mortality rates were 21-34 % lower in cardiac rehabilitation users than non-users. (Suaya JA, Stason WB, Ades PA, et al. Cardiac Rehabilitation and survival in older coronary patients. J Am Coll Cardiol 2009;54:25.) 

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